Sheet

All students must sign in for all classes they attend. 

Please install Google Sheets on your phone. You will need it to edit the sheet if you are not on a computer.

Titans Sign-In Sheet

1. We use the same sheet every day and it is archived each night. You don’t need a new link for every day.

2. Instructors should be checking the sheet at the beginning of each class to ensure everyone is signed in.

3. Once you have the Google Sheets app installed, the next time you open the app (after you’ve signed in for the first time) the link should be right there and you will be able to edit.

4. Scroll at the bottom to find the tab for all classes

5. Enter your name in the Student Name column (this is the only typing you will do on the sheet) select your class from the drop down menu, and confirm you have no symptoms and no risk of exposure.

6. This is required for each class you attend. For example, if you sign in on Wednesday, you will also have to sign in for Friday, if you attend on both days. 

If you have issues, please ask a teammate or instructor to help you before starting class.