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In consideration of my being permitted by Titans Martial Arts and Fitness (“Titans”) to use the facilities rented and operated by Titans, I agree to the following waiver and release and I make the following representations:

I hereby acknowledge the inherent extreme risks in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I realize that those risks involve, but are not limited to: falls from or contact with walls and equipment, bad decision making by me and others, inattention of instructors or action of other participants, misuse of equipment by me or by others, failure of equipment, improper and/or incorrect use and/or application of techniques of submission or other means of self-defense and/or fighting, and unforeseen and unforeseeable accidents. I acknowledge that the above list does not include all possible risks associated with the use of the facilities, and/or the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts and I agree the extent of this release is in no way limited by this list.

I voluntarily assume all such physical and legal risks with full knowledge and appreciation of the danger and the risk of personal injury, including paralysis and death, which may occur while I am in the facilities, or participation in any event or program, or while I am practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and/or Mixed Martial Arts anywhere at any time, whether or not under supervision of Titan’s personnel. I hereby knowingly and intentionally waive and release, and agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Titans, its successors, assigns, officers, employees, representatives, and agents from all liability for any such damage, injury, paralysis, or death which may result. This release shall be effective even though said loss, damage, or injury results or has resulted from the negligence, wrongful acts, omissions, breach of warranty, or struct tortuous liability of Titans and/or the other parties herein released.

I understand that this release is a contract. All releases provide herein by me shall be effective and binding upon my assigns, heirs, representatives, executors, and administrators. I expressly state that I have read, understand, and am familiar with and consent to all of it provisions and that I sign it willingly.

I understand that at any time anywhere Titans may have photography, video, or audio captured for use on but not limited to social media, television, radio, publication, print, internet, or media for purpose of but not limited to promotion, sale, instruction, or storage. I waive the right to any compensation, or right to my representation, image or likeness. I will not capture any media for any use other than personal, for non-monetary gain unless written permission is obtained from Titans. I will not film or take pictures of lessons unless written permission is obtained from Titans.

I am at least nineteen years of age and otherwise legally competent to sign this agreement.

I recognize the extreme physical demands of Titans Mixed Martial Arts and have been advised by Titans to consult a physician before taking part in this program.

If the Releasor is not at least nineteen years of age, the release must be signed by the participant’s parent or guardian in addition to the release signed by the Releasor if the child is under the age of 19.