As of October 4, 2021,  we are required to confirm that all students have been double vaccinated per NS government guidelines. Please produce your vaccination record for either Kevin Taylor or Peter Martell and complete the below form. We will be cross-referencing this data with attendance records to ensure we are in compliance.

COVID Protocols

Where we are in the midst of a pandemic, we ask everyone who enters the club to adhere to the following protocols.

  • Wear a mask at all times other than actively training.
  • Remove shoes upon entry, bring them into the gym, exit out the back door. This will eliminate congestion in the lobby as classes switchover.
  • Arrive ready to train.
  • Exit the premises immediately after training.

Class Sign-In Form – Quick Guide


1. Please sign in for each class you attend; if you attend two classes in one day, sign in for each class separately.

2. Instructors will be checking the form results before class to ensure everyone has signed in.
3. You can save the link for the sign-in form in your web and mobile browser. In your mobile browser you can do this using the “Share” option. 
5. Enter your name, choose your class from the drop down menu and confirm you have no symptoms and no risk of exposure.
6. This is required for each class you attend. For example, if you sign in on Wednesday, you will also have to sign in for Friday, if you attend on both days.

If you have issues, please ask a teammate or instructor to help you before starting class.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during these trying times and hope you enjoy your training!